a computer with light coming from the screen

All students in grades 6 – 10 will be assigned their own Chromebook for the school year. Those who
received one last year will receive the same one back. This is a requirement; however, personal devices
are still allowed to be used in addition to the school issued Chromebook.

• Chromebook pickup will be August 17-19 8:00am till 3:30pm. If you are unable to pick up your device
on these dates, please contact Levi Hughes at lhughes@nkrangers.org or call the school office to
arrange a pickup time before the first day of school.

• Agreement form (1 to 1 Parent Letter) must be signed and accepted by parents AND students in
FinalForms prior to taking home your device. The link to FinalForms can be found on the school website
under the parents tab.

• There is a fee of $50 per student per year for four years, which is non – refundable under any
circumstances. This will be assessed with school fees and can be paid online on K12 Payment Center.

The link is on the school website under the parents tab. This fee may also be paid with cash or check to
the New Knoxville School.

• All students logging into ProgressBook will now be able to use their school Google login information.

Also, student FinalForms accounts will use this same Google login.